Welcome to the new DrawnByRick web site.

This is a better way to display the images I have for products and also gives me a chance to show my portfolio of freelance work —you can even hire me from here. I’ve now brought it all into the 21st century…or at least up to the late 20th century. With any luck that means it will be easier to update with new designs for products.

All this was forced by advances in technology that caused the previous site—which was easy to manage and cool at the time—to become outdated and difficult to manage.

So now, I advance into another cool and easy-to-manage web site…one I’m sure to find outdated and difficult to manage by the time I finish writing this post—all made possible by technological advances from thirteen year old coding savants hopped up on Red Bull.

That’s okay though. The old makes way for the new.

It’s the circle of life on the web. Unfortunately, these days, that circle takes about the lifespan of a fruit fly to come around again.

I can only flap my wings so fast.